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AWANA Kids Club

The Awana club for preschoolers is built on two premises:

   • Young children can and should receive spiritual training.
   • Home is the primary place for spiritual training.

Our preschool program meets these needs through…

Fun – and lots of it!
Awana is fun with a purpose – to reach and train kids for Jesus Christ. Games, puppets, crafts, awards and other activities transform our preschool program into a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Friendly characters and leaders
Cubbie Bear, Luv E. Lamb, Ern E. Elephant, Zip E. Zebra and Gigi Giraffe take preschoolers on a thrilling journey through God's Word. Caring, committed volunteer leaders from your church nurture your children spiritually as Christian role models and teachers.

Foundational teaching
Bible-centered handbooks and club activities help your children begin to build a solid understanding of the basics of Christianity at an early age.

Family involvement
Cubbies is unique because it supports parents as the primary source of spiritual nurturing. By working directly with their child on the weekly handbook lessons, parents become active participants in their child's spiritual development. Along the way, unsaved parents with kids in the program are introduced to God and
His plan of salvation. Your kids will reap immediate benefits from their involvement in this exciting program. Just look at what they will learn after only two years:

• Approximately 55 memory verses – and up to 120 additional verses if they complete our extra-credit curriculum
• Key basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible

Topsail Baptist Church

A Bible Believing Southern Baptist Church

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At Topsail Baptist Church we support four AWANA club programs:

Cubbies, Sparkles,  T & T, and Trek

Sparks is the AWANA program for children in Kindergarten through second grade. This program builds on the foundations set in the earlier AWANA programs, Puggles and Cubbies. Children have the opportunity to dig deeper into God's word while everyone regularly hears from the gospel with the goal of leading every child to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of a very critical time in the spiritual life of children and Sparks aim is to help them in their spiritual growth.

   The entire program is solidly grounded Scripture. The handbooks are setup to emphasize basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and the Bible. There is also a great emphasis put on scripture memorization. In just three years, and just completing the handbooks, a child will learn 68 verses. There are opportunities to learn even more by reviewing the handbooks and doing additional work that could bring the total to well over 100 verses.

   Although God's word is the most important aspect of Sparks, we realize they are still kids so the Sparks meetings also include fun. Each meeting is setup to include a large group time for the gospel presentation, small group time for reciting scripture and discussing what they are learning, and game time. Game time is a time for the kids to have fun and burn off some of that extra energy with age-appropriate games.

   Unlike Cubbies, the Sparks verse schedule is not scheduled. In Sparks, each clubber can work at his or her own pace. There is plenty to do to keep them busy and keep them learning throughout the year. There are also lots of awards and rewards for hard work throughout the year.

 The name Truth & Training reflects the passion of Awana to teach third- through sixth-grade boys and girls the truth of God’s Word and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives. Our goal is that many of today’s young people will become tomorrow’s church leaders. T&T is the program that trains the leaders of tomorrow — today.

Exciting features to get kids excited about God’s Word
T&T is equipped with a variety of dynamic tools to accomplish this mission:

1. Four handbooks of increasing difficulty which teach children that life’s ultimate adventure is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. A cast of fun characters that boys and girls learn from and follow on interesting journeys in the handbooks.

3. Weekly meetings that expose children to the gospel message, Scripture memory, Bible study, awards, team-oriented games and gut-busting fun.

 4. A Bible-centered curriculum that helps kids build a firm foundation for their faith, hide God’s Word in their heart and apply the truths of Scripture to their daily lives.

5. Interactive CDs that use exciting high-tech games to teach and reinforce key biblical truths



Equipping Churches and Parents to Raise Christ-Following Kids for Life.  Awana helps churches and parents worldwide raise children and youth to know, love and serve Christ!
We do this through:

· Fully integrated programs for ages 2 to 18

· The best evangelism tools to reach unsaved children, youth and families

· Teaching that builds an enduring biblical faith

· Resources bringing churches and parents together to disciple the next generation

· Initial and ongoing volunteer training

· Healthy mentor and peer relationships

· Dynamic fun for children, teens and adults alike

   Trek® challenges middle-school students to consider their destiny in Christ and pursue it through life application of God's Word. Three complete years' worth of material supports your 6th-8th or 7th-8th grade middle-school ministry.