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Topsail Baptist Church is a congregation of people who have come together because of their shared love for God, and in devotion to Jesus Christ as Savior.  Though many things about us are different, these are some of the things we have in common.  We believe . . .

•  There is one God, existing in three Persons: The Father; God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Spirit.

•  The Bible is God's infallible and inerrant Word.  It is the absolute truth, and is to be our guide for all matters of faith and obedience.

•  Jesus Christ left heaven in order to be born of a virgin, live a sinless life, and die on the cross as our substitute.  When God poured out His wrath for sin, it was Jesus Christ who willingly accepted the punishment we deserve.  After He was crucified, Jesus arose bodily from the tomb, victorious over death, sin, and Satan.

•  Man, though created in the image of God, fell through sin.  Thus a sin nature has been passed to every human being since Adam, with the exception of Jesus.  All stand guilty before God as sinners in need of redemption and forgiveness.

•  Forgiveness is available to all who call on the Lord Jesus trusting in His sacrifice and resurrection.  Salvation is by grace, and is completely undeserved.  There is nothing any human can do to earn salvation.  It is the gift of God made available by Jesus' death and life.  We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone.

•  Those who have come to trust Jesus Christ as Savior have been rescued, ransomed, and delivered from an eternity apart from God in hell.  Having been saved, we have an obligation to live as children of God, demonstrating a holy life in keeping with the God who delivered us from sin, and in gratitude and thanks for the grace He made available to us through Christ.

•  It is a part of the responsibility and honor that those who have trusted Christ share to make the gospel known.  The Great Commission, to take the good news of Jesus Christ to every man, is still our charge today.

•  Jesus Christ will physically return to the earth in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in order to establish His reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.  The one thousand year reign of Christ on the earth is known as the Millennium, and will be followed by an ageless eternity.  At the close of the Millennium, Satan will be forever defeated, and Christ exalted.

•Topsail Baptist Church participates in the kingdom of God as a body of believers who have voluntarily associated themselves as a conservative, Bible-believing congregation in the Southern Baptist Convention..

Topsail Baptist Church

A Bible Believing Southern Baptist Church